sábado, fevereiro 20, 2016

"I love the smell of book ink in the morning"

"What are you at work on now?
A. I am in turmoil over a very complex story. In the States, they publish an enormous collection of books called “The Library of Living Philosophers.” It started with John Dewey and Bertrand Russell and the last book was about Richard Rorty. For mysterious reasons — probably because there is nobody else is around — they chose me for the next one. These are books of 1,500 pages. I am supposed to write 100 pages of philosophical autobiography. And there are 25 people, working at this moment, each writing a paper on my philosophical activity. And I am supposed to read all of them and to respond to each of them with at least three or four pages each. I think I have two years to work on it, and I am hoping to die before I have to do it."

("Umberto Eco: Exploring imaginary lands with one of Italy’s masters of fiction" - Stephen Heymannov: The New York Times, 27 de novembro de 2013)